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About Me

I am a junior pursuing a BS in Applied Mathematics and MS in Computer Science. I'm interested in bringing interndisciplinary skills to large complex systems. Courses in applied math, economics, and computer science demonstrate these interests; simulation research in particle behavior and projects developing novel satellite and plane wing designs allow me to tune design choices fitted by interdisciplinary knowledge. I look forward to working with exciting people in new and challenging spaces.

  • Programming
  • Robotics
    Machine Dynamics
  • Mechanical Engineering
    CAD(SolidWorks, Onshape)
  • Languages
  • Sept. 2023-
    Northwestern Athletic Tutor
  • June - Aug. 2023
    Summer Research Award 2023: Investigating Quincke Particles Electrohydrodynamics
  • Sept. 2022-Jan. 2023
    Undergraduate Researcher @ Buffett Institute of Global Affairs
  • June 2021-Aug. 2021
    Summer Intern @ Y-Sapix Global Alpha
  • June 2021-Aug. 2021
    Private Tennis Coach @ YC&AC
  • September 2021 - June 2025
    Northwestern University M.S. Computer Science
  • September 2021 - June 2025
    Northwestern University B.S. Applied Mathematics
  • Septmeber 2017 - June 2021
    Deerfield Academy
  • August 2020 - December 2020
    King's Academy
  • August 2007 - June 2017
    Singapore American School
  • Computer Science
    CS 111: Imperative Programming
    CS 213: Computer Systems
    CS 214: Data Structures & Algorithms
    CS 349: Machine Learning
    CS 449: Deep Learning
  • Engineering
    MECH_ENG 314: Lagrangian Dynamics
    MAT_SCI 314: Thermodynamics
    MAT_SCI 315: Phase Equilibria & Diffusion of Materials
    MECH_ENG 233: Electronics Design
    DSGN 240, 321: Advanced Solid Modeling
  • Applied Mathematics
    ES_APPM 311: Partial Differential Equations
    ES_APPM 312: Complex Analysis
    ES_APPM 322: Dynamical Systems
    ES_APPM 346: Modeling and Computation in Science & Engineering
    ES_APPM 495: Network Science & Social Systems
    IEMS 202: Probability
    IEMS 303: Statistics
    IEMS 304: Statistical Learning & Regression
    IEMS 450-2: Nonlinear Optimization

My Work

Below is a sample of my featured work. Click "see more" to view my full collection of work in different spaces-applied mathematics, computer science, finance, and robotics.


Machine Dynamics Simulation

Portfolio of Simulations of Lagrangian Mechanics done in Python.

eppler wing

CAD Portfolio

CAD Portfolio of Product Design, Commerical Design, and Aerospace Projects.

drone image

Autonomous Drone Project

Drone Project done with Robotics Club to autonomously pick up boxes.

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